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Breaking Point and Beyond

August 15, 2011

Last Thursday night was my diabetes breaking point.  As I was going through my meter I was disgusted.  Not with me, just my numbers, and how boluses were NOT WORKING.   So I decided to screw the IOB (insulin on board), and bolus fully for every number.  And at 3AM I was 108 and when I woke up at 6AM on Friday I was 50.  And then Friday morning I stayed under 130 until approximately 6PM when I was nearly 300 :/  But it came down right away.  And during the day, I felt great!  Even going low at the amusement park with Boy & Girl Genius, and using cotton candy to treat.

When the kids were on a kiddie ride, I talked to my dia-buddy (she helped me with the kids at the amusement park), and said: it’s almost like my diabetes is a person, and saw that it brought me to my absolute breaking point, and now it’s fine.  Through the whole day it felt like this.  And while I’m glad it “behaved,” I would like to avoid the breaking point from now on.  The weekend was more like a roller coaster, going both high and low, without any consistencies.

Also in other good news, the fax that I sent to Joslin, got replied to by my doctor through email.  So even though I haven’t met her yet, she’s already helping me, AND she emailed, which makes this so much more convenient.

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