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Her Sugar Things

August 9, 2011

So part of the fun of being a nanny is getting to do all sorts of summer activities, like swimming, bike riding, chalk, sprinkler running, beach-going and mini-golfing, among others.  Last Friday, the Genius kids and I went mini-golfing.  Both kids got holes-in-one!  And as I was trying to keep up from being the golf hole and playing myself, I started to feel a little weak.  So as I rand down the hill to keep up, told them that the people in front of us weren’t done the hole yet (thank you!) and grabbed my meter.  I was in the 70s, but considering I was feeling low, and was low nearly all day earlier in the week, I opted for my glucose tabs.  I started the hole and as I was walking towards the hole Girl Genius asked what was in my mouth.  In the chalkiness that was over-taking my mouth, I couldn’t answer.  So I held up another of the tabs.  Girl Genius said, “oh, okay.”  And Boy Genius asked what they were.  (She is around me much more and asks more questions.) “Boy Genius.  She’s low.  Those are her sugar things.” She may not call everything by their “technical names,” but the kid sure gets it!

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  1. Sara permalink
    August 9, 2011 2:00 PM

    I used to help my mom watch my niece and nephews on Friday nights so my bro and sil could have date night. My pump was “auntie’s medicine to help her belly work better” (ages 3-4). When I saw them last month, they wanted to know all about the pancreas and glucose and carb counting (ages 9-10). 🙂

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