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Rotation Hiccup

July 18, 2011

When it comes to my pump sites, I’m pretty religious about moving them around in a circle.  Left leg, right leg, right stomach, left stomach, etc.  I’ve got scar tissue on my arms, and the rest of my life is dedicated to avoiding more.  The last pump site was in my left stomach and I needed to change my pump this morning.  So imagine my annoyance when my left leg started peeling yesterday!  I mean, I’m sure that I could technically put my site on my leg where it’s peeling, but I’m also pretty sure it wouldn’t feel so wonderful, and could easily become seriously itchy.  (I’m not a fan of itchy sites.)  So, this time I’m back in the same area: left stomach.  And hopefully in a few days the left leg will be clear of obvious dead skin and the pattern can get back on schedule.

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