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Dear Claudia

July 7, 2011

I’m taking inspiration from Kelly in writing this letter.

Dear Claudia,

As I walked up to security after my fabulous trip, your co-worker asked me if it was an insulin pump on my hip. He called for a female assist with insulin pump and then I walked through security.  Unfortunately, I beeped.  Both of your co-workers came over to inform me that they cannot make me take off my medical bracelet, but I’m willing to, I can back up and through again.  That way, if I don’t beep again, I won’t need a pat-down.  As much as taking my bracelet off is a pain in the ass, I’m definitely willing to try that rather than choose the pat-down.  As I was getting ready to back up, you ran over and got way to close to my face.  You started yelling at me that if I took off my bracelet you wouldn’t have to do a pat-down because you don’t want to do one.  Let me tell you Claudia, there is a big difference between the phrases “I don’t want to do a pat-down” and “we don’t want to have to put you through a pat-down.”  You should talk to your co-workers about “bedside manners.”  I kept backing up because your face was far too close to mine.  If one of my nasty coughs came up, I wouldn’t have had room to cover my mouth.  And now I’m thinking that might have been the way to get you out of my face.  Your male co-worker put his arm up to block you from coming any closer to me.  I looked at him and asked exactly what he wanted me to do.  Your female co-worker yelled at you that if I beeped again, she was prepared to pat me down.  The reason I know your name is because you were so relentless she had to yell “CLAUDIA!” before you stopped pressuring me.  I backed up, handed my bracelet to a fourth TSA agent, and then walked through when I was waved.  Unfortunately, I beeped again and did need a pat-down.  But it was seemingly un-related to diabetes.  I hope that you learn something when your co-workers yell at you, and take it in.  Realize that it means you need improving.  I don’t know if I’ll ever know the result, but I really hope no one else has to go through what I went through.


Don’t Invade My Personal Bubble

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  1. July 7, 2011 2:51 PM

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! I’m so sorry you had to go through that ordeal, but I’m so proud of you for sticking up for your rights!
    YOU. GO. GURL!
    Kelly K

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