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My Trip to DC

July 1, 2011

On Sunday I jumped on a quick flight and headed down to DC to visit my friend.  I went there when I was six, and when I was thirteen with our eighth grade class field trip.  So I was excited to see everything as an adult.   I brought running clothes with me, but with the hours I spent walking, I never went for a run (unless trying to make the crosswalk).  And I went low a few times, but not consistently.  This was held off many times by enjoying iced-tea (hey national parks – what’s with your aversion to iced-coffee??)

We did the touristy thing after I got there…

Washington Monument

World War II Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Korean Memorial

And when we seemed too hot to do anything else, we went over to the Roosevelt Memorial and agreed that he needs to come back and talk to this country today.

When I was six, I saw the panda bears and fells in love.  So on Monday I headed over to the zoo:


Dad & Baby Gorilla

Komodo Dragon

Panda: Eating Away, Being All Cute

Also part of my trip was the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the Holocaust Museum, the Botanical Gardens, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and The Old Stone House: only pre-revolutionary building in DC (it’s so similar to my grandparent’s house).

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