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Carefree Pump Night

June 30, 2011

Women with insulin pumps have an extra amount of planning to do when they wear a dress.  As I was preparing to go to my friends’ wedding last Saturday, I knew that pump placement would be key.  But I also knew that now that I have the Animas Ping with the remote meter, that I wouldn’t need to get to it.  Before the Ping, if I had an A-line dress with enough room to hide the pump, I’d just clip it onto my underwear, and unclip and slide it down if I needed to bolus.  Getting it back was always more noticeable.  And sometimes the pump would try to pull my underwear down too.  So as I was brainstorming how to keep my pump, I had a brilliant idea.  I used to play tennis in high school and college.  And I never got rid of my bloomers that I used to wear before I moved onto spandex.  And tennis bloomers have a ball pocket.  Do you know what fits amazingly in a ball pocket?  A pump!  The only time I knew it was there was when it was buzzing because it was bolusing.  This was a total carefree pump night and I highly recommend it to anyone out there.  Also, it didn’t feel like I had any extra layers on!  What could be more amazing?

Good Luck Figuring out Where the Pump Was

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  1. July 6, 2011 1:50 PM

    Yes, this is an area that guys just don’t understand. We have it easy, when it comes to wearing our pumps. I almost always have it clipped on my belt. But I can so see the issues involved for women, and it’s always interesting to read about these challenges and seeing the creative solutions – like when I read how Kerri had a pocket sewn into her wedding gown. Creative but necessary aspects of D-Life for women!


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