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Missing Camp

June 28, 2011

2002 Camp Carefree C.I.T.s

Last year around this time, I had a bit of a breakdown.  Besides the few weeks of extra hours at work, summer is a great season.  But, the previous two summers (2008 & 2009) I was out in Oregon as a camp counselor.  And all of a sudden I had this realization that my days of going to D-camp were done.  And I wasn’t happy about it.  I’ve been going to camp in one form or another since I was 8 years old; 8 years as a camp, 1 as a C.I.T., and 3 as a counselor.  (There were a few years in between C.I.T. and counselor that I was not at camp: not by choice.)  I knew that I would still have my friends, and I will always have my memories.  But all of a sudden the closest thing to a diabetes vacation was out of my life!  Yes, I can go visit, but it isn’t the same.

Peter Pan campfire: Wendy gets captured

This time of year is bitter sweet to me.  As an adult it reminds me that the GREATEST thing I’ve ever had in my life has passed.

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