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Irrationally Rational

May 31, 2011

I went home for Memorial Day weekend.  It’s just so much easier to deal with the heat in lots of space (and at the neighbor’s pool.)  My original plan was to have an early dinner with my parents and then head back to my apartment right after.  Those plans changed when I went to a baseball game and cookout with my friend (which was awesome!)  I drove back to my parents about an hour after I wanted to leave to go back to Boston.  Before the cookout, I was 302 mg/dL.  So when I got all my stuff together to leave, I wasn’t thinking that my BG would affect me.  But there it was, a 55 mg/dL staring at me.  And then 20 minutes later, 50 mg/dL.  I suspended my pump, and then 56 mg/dL and then when I was 59 mg/dL, my temper flared.  My father told me I didn’t need to get upset about it (but I clearly was).  And this is where I became irrationally rational.  I yelled back “Well I should!  Because if I get mad I’ll get stressed out and stress raises your blood sugar and nothing else is working!”And twenty minutes later, I was 81 mg/dL.

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