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Registering for Gifts

April 21, 2011

The first of my college friends is getting married this summer.  (Yes, I feel old.) This past weekend was the bridal shower, and it was like a college reunion.  As the bride and groom were opening their presents and an awesome bouquet was being made, the rest of us were chatting.  We were paying attention for the most part, but there’s lots of boxes of wine glasses when they are packaged 4 per box.  And then she was opening things that we think we’d never use (like a french press) or things we know we’ll never use (like a soap making kit).  One of my friends mentioned that most women register for the same things that their mother’s and grandmothers’ registered for, even though they’ve never used some of it, and likely never will.  There is a thought that once you’re married you’ll magically start using them, and knowing how.  And since diabetes wasn’t cooperating that day, I said, “Then I’ll just register for diabetes supplies, because I need them and know how to use them.”  Inappropriate?  Maybe.  Truthful?  Yes.  Would I ever do that?  No.  But I felt pretty clever at the time, especially when I needed that insulin to bolus for this:

Bolus-worthy Red Velvet Cake
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  1. tmana permalink
    April 21, 2011 1:52 PM

    It's true that many registries don't accommodate for today's changing lifestyles, and that many of us don't entertain the same way our parents or grandparents did. “Company” china is overkill if all you do is order in Chinese and pizza — but a set of professional cake decorating tools can be a godsend if you're an emerging cupcake goddess. Also, as many of us marry later in life (or live together “without benefit of clergy”), after we've spent some time on our own, we may have already accumulated dinnerware, flatware, cookware, and the other usual accoutrements of home care. Instead, we may need a new bed, drapes or rugs for our new home, new furniture (or slipcovers for old furniture), furnishings for a dining area or a guest room, or a more user-friendly home office or home gym since you will probably be sharing them with your mate. Many of these are also higher-ticket items and more suitable for several people to go in on together…

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