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Marathon Monday

April 19, 2011

Yesterday Girl Genius and I walked over to see the Boston Marathon on Heartbreak Hill.  We were later than the rest of the neighborhood, because I wasn’t planning on being there for the elite runners.  So off we went, with our sunglasses, smiles, warm jackets and me with a backpack full of snacks, water, glucose and meter.  And as we left I had a really awesome BG of 304 mg/dL.  And I felt every single piece of it.  The past two days have been a fricken’ roller coaster ride, and it’s starting to catch up with how I’m feeling.  So as we walked up the street, we had this conversation:

Heartbreak Hill

Me: Now, I have to talk to you about something.
GG: Okay
Me: My sugar number is really high right now, so I’m not feeling very good, so I need you to listen extra well when we get there.
GG: Okay
Me: I think that it should get better, but if it doesn’t, we might need to leave.  If that happens I’ll see you if you can stay with your friends, but I just want you to know that this might happen.
GG: Okay

My blood sugars came down, (so much so that I was low), and we stayed until she wanted to leave.  I don’t let diabetes interfere a lot, and it didn’t.  But having that conversation broke my heart.

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