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Low Mistakes

March 24, 2011

On Tuesday Girl Genius didn’t have any school, so we spent the whole day together.  It started with grocery shopping where I decided to buy mango lemonade rather than the berry juice as my low treatment of choice.  And it’s good that I did because I was low for about three hours that day.  It started when I was mixing together breading for chicken for dinner that night.  She was helping me crunch up the cereal, and I was glad that there was nothing actually cooking at that moment.  We stopped making the breading to make lunch, which I enjoyed more than I should’ve (mac & cheese, but I put broccoli in mine).  And then after lunch I had a pounding headache, with a stomachache and I still felt low.  Girl Genius was in the playroom making families out of plastic ducks & markers, and dancing.  And I was low again.  I poured myself the third glass of juice, and this time I poured some of it down the front of me.  At this time I was extra glad I decided to go with the lemonade, considering my light pink shirt.  And glad that I get cold easily and prepare for that, so I zipped up my sweatshirt and no one was any wiser about my low mistakes. Or so I thought.

When it was time to get Girl Genius changed for ballet, she said.  “Why does it smell like juice?  Or fruit?”
“I spilled some down the front of my shirt.”
“Were you low?”

I don’t think she quite understands how being low makes me feel weaker or shaky, but she does know the only time I drink juice is when I’m low, and that sometimes when I’m low I can’t play with her.  But experience of mine expands her knowledge of diabetes, and that’s all I can ask.

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