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Sun, Friend, City & Starbucks

March 15, 2011

Saturday was beautiful day up here in the Boston area, so I got together with my friend and we went walking through the city.  We walked around the common and down Newbury St. talking and talking and talking and ending up at the far end at Starbucks.  We have walked around the city before, and I quite often end up low.  Before we left, I was 134 mg/dL, but I didn’t want to go low, especially since I was flatlining around 70 earlier in the day.  I set my temp basal for 50%.  I don’t consider walking through the city exercise, but I won’t discredit my diabetes for thinking it.  And I won’t say that it’s not good for me.  And as we stood in line at Starbucks, I was 65 mg/dL.  So not too low, but I was feeling it.  And as I walk up to the counter deciding what snack to get, I see this small, delicious treats staring me back.  (Now keep in mind that I was low.)  I am trying to figure out what these treats are, since there are no signs.  And I’m not really a “Starbucks” person.  I enjoy their coffee, but I don’t broaden what I get because ordering at Starbucks is seriously intimidating to me.  But during Lent I am limiting myself to one cup of coffee per day.  

So I walk up and I ask “Is that a, um, red, um velvet……”
“whoopie pie?”
“Yes, that.  Can I get one of those?”
“Did you know that they’re free with any beverage?”
*I got seriously excited* “No”
“Are you getting a beverage?”
“Yes.  Haven’t gotten that far yet.”
I move on down to the man at the cash register at which time I’ve decided I’m going to have a white chocolate mocha.  And I went for the whipped cream.  And I got the red velvet whoopie pie.  And my friend scored a table in the busy Starbucks.  So we sat down and talked more and more and more and my whoopie pie was delicious beyond delicious.  I bolused for 30g. of carbs.  And as we got ready to walk back, Not only was I 143 mg/dL I was trying to talk myself out of getting another mocha.  I was not successful.  I decided that I would have that instead of a temp basal for our walk back.  This was inspired by Holly and using diabetes to our advantage.  I mean, I wanted it and I didn’t want to go low again.  Win win.  So we stared heading back after I ate my Rocky Road Cake Pop (the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie was so so so so much better; but I’m also not a big chocolate person.)  As we were walking back towards the Common, we passed a CVS, and I was pretty sure I forgot to pack extra test strips, so went in.  And this was what I like to call a double decker CVS, which I had never seen before, so we went downstairs towards the pharmacy.  I stood in line after making sure they had One Touch, and my friend was still standing over near the diabetes supplies because it was pretty cramped.  She comes back over and asks me a question.  Not only did she ask me this, but she pretended to be in a sword fight (yes, we’re adults).  Sometimes, you just need a friend with a new perspective to make you laugh at this thing that can suck the life out of you sometimes.   We finished our walk and got back on the T, and I was a joyous 60-something.  I didn’t want to get rid of the delicious tastes that were previously occupying my mouth, so I ate 1 glucose tab.  Yes, I realize this is not the recommended amount of low correction and yes, I realize this might sound crazy, but I was sitting and my friend lives right next to the T stop.  So I hung out with my friend for a little while, and then before I got ready to leave, I was around 120.  Perfect driving number 🙂

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  1. March 15, 2011 1:00 PM

    Woo hoo! Way to make diabetes work for you! I have actually done a similar scenario before. Hubby and I were going to go shopping one day, and I usually set a temp basal for all the walking. Instead, I purchased a venti skinny caramel macchiato (~30something carbs) and sipped on it for the couple hours we were walking around. Saw a nice, flat line on Constance! =)

  2. March 16, 2011 2:28 AM

    Good job making all of that work for you! Sometimes I forget how walking around can bring my blood sugar down. I always lower my basal, but it's nice to see what other people do.

  3. March 16, 2011 12:15 PM

    I want a whoopie pie –


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