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Skiing, Eating & Talking Low

March 11, 2011

When I was on vacation, I took one day and went skiing with my mom and aunt.  We went to Loon, which is where I remember our family vacations starting.  It was a beautiful day and we skied and skied and took a coffee break (where my BG was high) and skied some more until we met up with another family friend who has two young children.  We ended skiing with the little boy so that he didn’t have to wait while they tried to coax the younger sister out on the slopes.  At 11:30 when we picked him up, I was starting to get hungry.  We usually try to wait to eat lunch until about 1:00 or so that we can ski while the rest of the skiers are eating their lunch.  Skiing with the little boy was great, but by the time we met back up with his mother an hour later, I was starving.  And we were on the opposite side of the mountain from my favorite lodge, which is where we had said we’d get lunch.  We skied over and I was working from memory.  I knew I was low.  I walked into the lodge and couldn’t even talk to people to see if they were leaving so we could have their table.  I took off my mittens, helmet, etc, etc, and had mom hand over the meter and some sort of 50 number was staring me back in the face.  Whether it was tabs or juice, I don’t remember, but I finished it as quick as possible, that’s all I know.  But I was certainly still “low” for quite a while.  I went through line and ordered my soup and talked with my mother about what to get to drink and I heard my name.  When I hear my name, it’s a seriously good chance that it’s someone I know.  I’m trying to figure out who is talking to me, and it’s one of my college tennis teammates.  She wasn’t just a teammate though, she was my very first roommate.  And I was in the midst of a “shitfaced low!” We talked for a few minutes, catching up, and me staring at my food.  Knowing I needed it in my belly.  By the time I finished my lunch, she was gone, so I couldn’t go back and have a real conversation.  But it was still good to be able to talk to her, even it was in the midst of a low blood sugar.

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