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Internal Pump Debate

March 1, 2011

A few weeks ago, two different reps from Minimed contacted me about a pump upgrade.  I wasn’t sure what this process would entail, so I waited until my vacation to return the call.  The rep I talked to was very nice, and talked to me about the new pump, but mostly about me.  He asked me if I was interested in a CGM, and was shocked to hear me say that I know I don’t have insurance.  And then he checked and realized I am right.  It’s not something that I like, it’s just something that is.  He asked me about my highest and lowest BGs (30s and ^500), which I didn’t want to say.  Diabetes happens, but then he didn’t ask why, and I felt a little judged.  I hope that I wasn’t, but that is how I felt.  The conversation ended with him saying that they would send the information to my insurance and then I will hear back again soon.

As I was thinking about this, I was wondering if Minimed is the best option for me.  The thought of learning a whole new “auto-pilot” is what makes me nervous.  But I contacted Animas yesterday to start finding out more information about their pump.  The thing that I find most appealing about Animas is the remote.  On Sunday night, I went to Mary Poppins with my mother and our family friends.  We all got dressed up and went out for a nice Italian dinner before hand.  And I had to run to the bathroom in order to bolus.  Taking my pump out of my dress even felt inappropriate within the walls of the bathroom while these young, proper, sophisticated girls were watching me.  And then throughout the show I was running near 200, but I couldn’t really do anything about it.  How could this be fixed?  My thoughts seem to point to a remote.  I started looking at Animas yesterday, and asking if people had switched, and started keeping  a list of questions, and calling my insurance.  I even started emailing the Animas rep.  I have not made any decisions yet, but here are some of my questions.  If anyone has any experience with this switch, advice on questions to ask,  or any other information which will be beneficial, please share it with me!

How long does the warranty last?
My insurance only covers one pump per lifetime.  What does this literally mean?  What if it breaks?
Can I trial the new pump before deciding?  Will this cost me anything?
What can the Minimed Revel do for me without the CGM technology?
My insurance doesn’t cover One Touch test strips, so right now I only use One Touch during my “trouble” times.  If I go with Animas, do I want to carry two meters during the day?
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