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Swimming & DSMA

February 3, 2011
In case 
you live
under a rock,
there has been
a lot of snow
this winter
and I love it.
But the time has come where I am sick of it interrupting my life.  I love the snow, I love how the kids like to go outside and lay in it and make beds, I love skiing, I want to go cross-country skiing this weekend, and I’m just a general lover of the snow.  I am also a lover of synchronized swimming every other Wednesday.  And while it doesn’t always lower my BG, I whole-heartedly believe that swimming on Wednesdays is a great physical benefit for my diabetes and my body.  I also believe that it is good for my overall health getting to see one of my best friends.  All these storms this year seem to have come on Wednesdays.  I wouldn’t know this, except that I’ve had to skip swimming since the beginning of January.  I feel like by the time I get to go again I’m going to sink to the bottom of the pool (I realize this won’t happen, but geez it’s been a long time!)  I see the forecasts and I get sad.  My bags have been packed in my car and it’s sad taking the unused bag back out.  But then I remember that it’s Wednesday and I realize that I’ll get to participate in the DSMA chat.  And while dsma might not do anything for the physical aspect of my diabetes, I know that it helps my psychological aspect of diabetes.  There’s something about talking with other people with diabetes that really helps me.  And it’s something that I do look forward to.  The dsma community is huge; so much bigger than my swimming community.  I love being a part of it, but I miss my swimming community.  
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  1. February 3, 2011 2:02 PM

    i hear you! haven't made it to the gym all week! snow is fun and all, but enough already! seriously.

    at least there's dsma for you!

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