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February 1, 2011

I’ve never needed glucagon.  I take pride in this.  I probably could have used it a few times in my life (when my forehead slammed on the desk in third grade, when I blacked out with my friends in high school – I didn’t drink in high school, so this was the effect of a low), but I’ve never received it.  And yesterday my friend started talking to me about how she has never used it either, but how she’s had some serious lows before.  Talking to my friend, remembering Jacquie’s post, and reading Sarah’s post, we feel like we are ticking time bombs.  I’ve gone 21 years without it.  I know where it is in my apartment, but would I be able to tell someone where it is if I needed it?  Would I be here, able to access it?  What would be the reason why I needed it?  How would I handle it?  What would happen after?  This weekend was scary.  It has me thinking about the reality of glucagon more seriously.  I am not prepared for this, but are we ever?

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  1. February 1, 2011 9:37 PM

    No, I don't think we are ever really prepared. It's one of those things were if we need it, it means we've lost control of ourselves. WE alone cannot treat ourselves, and we have to rely on someone else. The scary as crap part is hoping that someone who knows what's going on and what to do will be there when it happens.

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