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Guest Post: Games and Diabetes

January 28, 2011

Following yesterday’s post, I’ve decided to start having some guest posts on my blog.  I am leaning away from the DOC though, and instead getting posts from my family.  They have been there for everything, diabetes or not.  Today’s post is from my cousin Andrew.  He is a teacher, coach (football & sailing), skier, and over-all fun loving guy.  

I can vividly remember when it was time for you to check your blood sugar with your poke kit (and there were many different kinds of kits too :).  The Nugnes’s and Boisvert’s love to compete, as you know, so we would make a fun game out of it.  We knew that 100 was around perfect, or normal levels for your more technical personel :).  We would go around the room and guess what the number would be and the person closest to it would win the game.  Don’t ask me what they won but it made the process fun, and for you, Briley, I’m sure it made it all the more easy when the entire family was involved :).

Also, having watched this process many times, I was an RA at Stonehill College and one night one of my residents was either really drunk, or as we came to find out later, drugged, but not by her own accord.  Anyway, sorry about the details, but we knew she was a diabetic and had to inject insullin as well as check her blood sugar.  We wanted to make sure she wasn’t going into shock, so we found her poke kit, we pricked her finger, tested her blood and it was 104.  I knew right then it wasn’t her blood.  She came to thank all of us the next day and was laughing when I told her how I knew what to do.  She was thankful I had a cousin show me what to do in that instance :).

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