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Special Olympics

January 24, 2011
The novice slalom course

On Saturday I volunteered with Special Olympics.  Back in junior high, I used to volunteer with a group called Dream Catchers, so it isn’t completely foreign to me, but it’s not something I’m used to.  Give me a four year old, and I’m golden.  Give me someone with an unknown disability that functions at a level unknown and I’m not as golden.  But I went with my dia-buddy who volunteers all the time, and is a natural with the athletes.  Luckily there were a ton of volunteers this year, so I got to stay with my dia-buddy(DB) and we had our own group of four athletes.  L, C, N & J were great.  DB would throw up her arm and they would gather right in front of us.  Other groups weren’t as lucky as ours, but DB helped every single group.  And soon my nervousness went away, and it was fun. It is something that would be wonderful to be more involved in, but I’ve already got my name in a few other places for volunteer work, and adding this to the mix would be spreading myself to thin.  It does have me thinking and thanking my blessings; that is for sure.  It’s amazing how the most tiring of days can also be the most refreshing and reviving.

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