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Diabetes Police

January 19, 2011
My dia-buddy pointed me in the direction of this on facebook.  It’s a status with a bunch of comments and there were a few that we would all be happy about, but I’m leaving those out because they aren’t involved with the police.  In this conversation with have a Type 3 (T3), my dia-buddy (DB) and the diabetes police (DP).
T3 Status: 89 years ago today Insulin was first tested on a human with diabetes.  We have come so far but still have a long way to go! Hoping to someday have a cure!
DP: raw diet…. seriously- check it out; humans are as simple as a fish tank! sounds silly doesnt it? remember 7th grade science~ Acid-Base and alkalinity tests ~ keep your diet basic and you will avoid most if not all forms of sickness and disease ~~~ sad part is I am just as guilty…but I encourage other to look into this: I have a friend who beat diabeties — his doctors doubt it but in thier words ” it’s just disappeared” ~ crazy stuff but the more you reseaerch it I bet it will change your thoughts on a disease that runs so ramped in our family and is so feared
T3:My husband is a type 1. Is this just for type 2 or can it work on type 1 also?
DP:If you ask the docs there is no cure… I don’t know what to think so I just ponder what few experiences I have; example 1- as an Emt any patient we come in contact with we consider giving them a line- a line is a bag of fluid via i.v.. Its common knowledge most folks are in a constant state of dehydration – or acidic. Back to basic acid-base I spoke of before. Then there was my old boss and now good friend I spoke of before – full on diabetic before and now as normal as you or I all by way of “Raw diet” — docs can’t explain it….
I am no expert nor pretend to be but with it in my family and seeing it so often at work (emt) it makes me wonder, concerned, and question. I truely think we are what we eat –
DP:‎….Also think about this- any medicine we inject or take or use makes us weaker. Take for example a very common, simple and seemingly harmless drug like oxygen. Folks using o2 often “supliment” then soon “need” then “can’t live without” then it is their demise — look at COPD patients — I think far to often modern medicals “fixes” are bandaids that shut down the natural system(s) our body has in place to fix the need naturaly. In other words – don’t use it, you lose it. Scary stuff I think
T3:Very interesting and insightful!! I will look up the raw diet thing! Thanks for the info!!
DB:I think that the raw diet is NOT a cure to diabetes…I also think that tho your friend my not have signs of diabetes, it will return and because of this “fad diet” his/her complications will be worsened. Also your view on medication tho it may be true in the example you gave is not true with diabetes, I lost the ability to produce insulin looonnnggg before the doctor put me on insulin thus making me and others extremely sick and another thing to ponder for you if it seems to you that we are what we eat therefore eating poorly is the cause of diabetes what is the explaination for those who get it upon birth, as an infant or small child.. it is in my opinion that your friend who had full on diabetes (whatever that means) did not have type 1 diabetes and its not type 1 that youre talking about at all
DP:I did not intend at all to offend nor do I believe it is a cure ~ neithe a cure nor the coming of Christ, the Easter Bunny, or the Toothe Fairy. If you reread you will notice it was more of a proposal- a request for someone else to think about something that is on my mind. I do not pretend to be an expert by any means but I am free to question right? I have no gain at all in this other than putting forward a question of my own and what appears to be a logical (not miracle cure as you suggest)but perhaps betterring of ones situation. I obviously hit a nerve with you- not at all my intent I promise… I dont even know you. But I do know T3 and feel she knows me enough to realize my intentions are good ~ besides; what could hurt to try a differrent approach, try something out of the ordinary and new? How has a healthier lifestyle ever hurt anyone? And isnt diet the first thing doctors address the moment it is determined someone has Type 2 diabeties ~ in an effort to prevent the condition from worsenning to an “incurable type 1”? Perhaps it is the view of others that there is now cure and the medical world we live in is the best its goin to get but I prefer to spend my days ponderring and freely exploring other avenues for if not a cure maybe at least a better quality of life. I dont for a second believe that I should be attacked or faulted for such a thing— it was meerly a harmless suggestion. I also assure you that is you hold the biast and aggressive attack for a moment and research history and disease and how we have evolved you may notice it is unquestionable that over time as we progressed from grazers and game killers as a way of life and moved forward to a lifestyle of processed foods, grains, preservatives, chemicals etc as our foodsource is based today our health has declined as a result. Now Fad diet ~ a bit extreme statement isnt it? Now if we were talkin Jenny Craig or Southbeach I’d be right on board with ya! (suttle joke to show I am not upset and trying to be reasonable- its ok : ) 
— Agree… don’t aggree… either is fine; but I still encourage others to look into it and when you do I will gladly chat about it!
DB:Its true I don’t know you and I am not overly offended by your comments. Its when people say that diabetes can be cured or beaten and that due to poor lifestyle chooses a person gets diabetes. I may also not have my facts straight or even any facts about the raw diet but when it comes to diabetes I do have my straight. Type 2 does not become Type 1 they are completely different diseases other than the fact that they share a name and common disbeliefs. I have no issue with a healthier lifestyle I am all for people being healthier and staying away from processed food but thats not what started me on the rant its was you that said your friend had “beat diabetes” because of the raw food diet. Type 1 has no cure, no way to beat or any of that. Also when you say that the medicines “we inject, take or use make us weaker”, a person with diabetes can not choose not to take their insulin, your don’t use it lose it saying just doesn’t fit when talking about type 1 diabetes. I am sorry for my attitude. It frustrates me as a person with diabetes to have someone say things like you are with good intentions but not exactly the whole picture. I am not sure how to put it into words. I agree with everything you say about the meds and the healthy foods. Its just when you say the things about diabetes you are sending a “negative” message to people about something I fight strongly to share in make something that people talk down about. I get that is not what you had intended to do but someone will read that and think well why not just beat it.
DP:Well… Again I mean it in the best way but… Why not just beat it? Glass is half full right? Now this happens (to be quite frank) to be a damn big glass but there’s bigger glasses ~ often — now this is where I open an even bigger can of metaphorical worms so look out!— often those attempting to tackle such a glass have far more guts n grit than folks like me … I guess that’s why I take an interest to begin with. I just lost a buddy to cancer … He was a far braver man than I an I def looked up to him – … To think I get frustrated at lifes challenges?!- what do I have to be frustrated over? – nothing. That guy was told by Ivy League Docs at Dartmouth he had weeks to live — THE MAN LIVED YEARS! How awesome is that- we’re gonna beat Diabeties and cancer and much more….
Oh damn, why didn’t I think of just beating it?
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  1. January 19, 2011 2:02 PM

    what a dumb ass.

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