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Scatterbrained Happiness

January 7, 2011

Yesterday was an “off” day.  I unexpectedly didn’t have to work until 11:30 (!), but then Mom Genius was working from home, and I’m starting the looking for a roommate process, which is making my nervous-nelly, shy self a little…well…shy and nervous.  And I got my free Charlie Card from when the bus ate my money.  I had my first roommate interview after work, which went well, and then I needed to come back and pack.  But I got caught up in this awesome new blog, and then I just got caught up in the DOC.  And, okay.  The bus statement does fit in.  I was on the bus into Boston when a whole bunch of drunk boys sat in front of me.  And I try not to pay attention to drunk boys on the bus, but how can I ignore them when they say something as awesome as this?  And I’m talking to my friends, and oh, did I mention I emailed Ellen yesterday to tell her how I used to feel about twitter (crazy & useless) and how I now feel and how she should talk about how there are “regular” people out here who use twitter as positive influence?  Well, if not, I did.  And now I’m scrambling because the DOC took over my life, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  So thanks for reading my scatter-brained thoughts 🙂

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  1. January 10, 2011 1:55 AM

    The positivity of the DOC is life-changing beyond words, and while it does seem to be all-engulfing at times, I too wouldn't have it any other way. Great connecting with such great people like yourself. The more the merrier, and we're all affecting change in a positive way for the bigger Diabetes Community and beyond.

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