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At Least She Agrees With Me

January 4, 2011

I went back to Joslin last week to see the Diabetes Educator.  I was scheduled to go back so that we could look at my overnight basal testing.  Well, I was only able to do one night of it because I was either low or high to start all the other nights, or unable to start it early because of work.  So when I walk in she asks me how I’ve been.  My response: I’m all over the place.  So she downloads and prints my meter info, and comes back and says “Holy shit.  I guess you’re all over the place.”  We talk about my ketone morning and the subsequent low later in the day, and figure out that from the information I was using, the 25 unit correction was correct, but that people forgot to remember that once you have a working pump, you’re getting a basal too.  I filled out paperwork about what my basals are, and how much I’m bolusing for food and high BG’s, and  my overnights have been changed, plus my lunch and dinner boluses and my active insulin, and so far I haven’t noticed any differences, but it’s also been over new years, and skiing, and vacation days and my first day back to work.  So this week I need to get “back in the habit” of paying attention to my diabetes.

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  1. January 4, 2011 4:42 PM

    Ah, a New Year! Hope it treates you better and levels out before long, now that some more normal routine times are on tap. Good luck in getting things back to par, as much as possible, with the pump!

  2. January 4, 2011 8:10 PM

    Yeah, basal testing outside of your normal routine is basically useless. Hopefully you'll be able to get some done within the next few days or so. Good luck to ya! 🙂

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