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Not So Unflappable Me

December 30, 2010

This year for Christmas, my grandmother wrote all of us inspirational notes to accompany our gifts.  In my mother’s note, she called her unflappable.  And it’s true.  (And it probably drives my grandmother crazy.)  I, on the other hand, am not so unflappable.  So as we were enjoying our snow day, I was becoming more and more agitated with diabetes.
9:10 AM – 275
11:06 AM – 279
12:23 PM – 80
12:48 PM – 49
2:16 PM – 238
3:14 PM – 81
3:46 PM – 68
4:02 PM – 122
7:26 PM – 345
10: 21 PM – 274
11:19 PM – 133
And after being sick the day before, I yell out in frustration “It’s a good thing I’m going tomorrow!”  (to Joslin) And then I finished my lunch, and sat down at my computer to read some blogs before going back out to shovel.  And I sit down and I start reading about Kerri being honest and I’m glued to my screen.  It’s certainly not what I want to see (for any person with diabetes), but it’s exactly what I need to see.  I remember when I first started reading sixuntilme, and I sent the link to my longest dia-buddy and she said, “Briley, I can’t read this.  She thinks 160 is high.”   I’ve been a 8._ A1C-er probably since I started college.  The lowest I ever got was 8.4.  So the 8.2 I got last time was huge for me.  And yet, I’m still sitting here going crazy.  As I’m glued to my computer, my mother is standing at the counter tapping her foot waiting for me to get my snow gear back on.  I talk to her about the blogs I read, but she doesn’t quite understand how much they mean to me, and how much they help me, and especially how reading Kerri’s has gotten me back on track.  (Kerri, if she only knew how much you help me, then you’d have a bigger fan than any of us in the DOC.)  By the time I finished reading I was furious.  I was mad that this post that is really helpful to me, is now tainted with this frustrated feeling.  I love to comment, but I couldn’t.  I didn’t want my anger highlighted for all to see.  Instead I’ve been stewing for a few days.  How we all get there.  How do we get out of it.  How do we get the help we need?  Do we have all the help/support we need?  Is there more I can do for me? for others?  Will I ever get under 8?  How hard will it be?  If I do, can I keep it there?  What about someday, way far off, when it absolutely needs to be lower?  Will I be able to do it?  So far there is no evidence (as an adult) that I can.  Did my unflappable mother ever have these doubts about herself when she was taking care of me?  If she did, I certainly never saw them.  How did she hide them? (Now that I’m an adult, I do know that she had them, but she never let me see.)  How do I go from working really hard and seeing results to working really hard and not seeing results?  And why?  And how do I not let it get the best of me?

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  1. December 31, 2010 3:57 AM

    Hey Briley. Same here, as far as reading Kerri's and being inspired and moved (in the guy-reading-a-girl's blog kinda way) just the same. We all get in these ruts. For me, the DOC has really helped get me back on track whenever I've fallen off the wagon. Reading the blogs, interacting on twitter, and just thinking more about my diabetes helps keep me accountable. That's been an incredible life-changing happening in the past year, one that I can never replace. And really, no one outside the DOC can really truly understand. But those questions do come up, always will. We just must balance them with the good and postives and humor and cynicism, and do something about it sooner rather than later. At our own pace, not anyone else's. You'll get there. A work in progress, and the perfecting timing a New Year to get going!

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