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Sick Day

December 29, 2010

When I woke up on December 26, there was something not right.  I rolled over and tested and I was 344, but still, there was something else.  I made my way downstairs, found my ketone strips and back upstairs.  Holy crap, that thing turned deep dark purple.  I had large ketones.  So now: do I feel gross because I have ketones or, do I have ketones because I am sick?

I don’t look this cute sick anymore

I went downstairs and got out my phone (calculator) along with my pump, a piece of paper and a pen.  I figured out my correction, wrote that down.  I figured out 20% of my Total Daily Dose (TDD), wrote that down.  I was hungry, so I figured out my correction for my bagel and coffee and wrote that down.  I got out my insulin pen and dialed up 25 units of insulin.  I think the last time I took that much, it was in the form of Lantus.  I sat down in front of the wood stove and ate my bagel with my father and double fisted water and coffee.  When my mother got back from visiting my grandmother, I told her about the ketones and the not feeling good and I plopped my butt on the big comfy chair.  I finished watching Julie & Julia, and then I turned some other movie on until it was time to watch my boys with my dad.  I was a little bit nervous when the Bills scored first, but not really.  Dad even got me noodle soup.  I grabbed a pillow and I grabbed the hassock and I was basically laying down across the chair (so comfortable).  Throughout the morning, I was drinking tea and testing my ketones and before the game started, I was at negative, but I still didn’t feel good.  I was forcing myself to stay awake, and I would “just rest” during half-time.  I fell asleep just before the end of the second quarter, woke up at some point during the second half, noticed the score was 31-3, and then fell back asleep.  I woke up after the game was over, and my mother looking me in the face and I was wondering who won the game.  So the game is over and I wander over to the table to test, and a beautiful 36 is staring me back in the face.  “mom.  fill up a big glass with juice. please. now.” The incoherent-ness in me made my mother listen to me.  (The last time I demanded something from my mother and she listened was….)  I drank my juice, and I sat at the kitchen table.  I was coherent enough to know that if I plopped back down in the comfy chair, I felt like I’d fall asleep again.  My parents were getting ready to go to a party (and I wanted to be there too!) but I stayed in my pajamas, heated up some dinner, watched more movies and ate lots of food (without testing).  I was up in the 200s, then bolused realizing I forgot earlier.  Those damn lows mess with the brain!!  On Monday, I was feeling much better, although the diabetes was still crazy. :/

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