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Melting My Heart

December 16, 2010

Earlier this week, as I was eating lunch with Boy & Girl Genius, I was overcome with heat.  And I knew.  I knew that I was low.  I did a temp basal of 0% for a half hour, and after the kids were done with lunch, I went and tested and I was 56 mg/dl.  Girl Genius had just come back downstairs and she was talking to me about Coffee (the stuffed/pretend dog) and what we should name his friends.  I wish that I could get a picture of him for you, but they are attached at the hip.  Coffee eats lunch, breakfast and dinner every day, and when he wags his tail, he gets me in the knees. As Girl Genius was asking me how to spell Emily so she could make a nametag for Coffee’s friend, I walked over to the fridge, grabbed the juice and poured myself a nice glass and sucked it down.  (Although, I like my juicy juice better because the cold makes it harder to gulp.)
Girl Genius looks at me, “Briley, are you low?”
Me: “Mmm.”
Girl Genius: “Okay, I’ll go in the playroom now.  Will you tell me when you’re better so we can play again?”
This little 4 year old melts my heart.  She’s been asking me “What temperature is your blood sugar?” when I test lately, so I thought she wasn’t understanding any of it, but she’s four, so I don’t mind as much.  And then when my “patience” is wearing thin, she totally gets it!  This is the moment when it’s worth it.  I’m sure that it stinks to have your nanny all of a sudden be sitting on the sideline, but she handled it with such grace!  Those symptoms hung around for quite a while, but as soon as they were over, we were singing Christmas music and making name tags for all the friends, as if nothing got in the way.

December 16: The Christmas Song
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  1. December 16, 2010 3:35 PM

    Aww, that's so sweet! It was like that trying to explain it to my neice. She was very calm and understanding. It's amazing how they can be, at times, more understanding than adults. And they pay very close attention to details! Kids never cease to amaze me.

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