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"My Blood Sugar Must be Low"

December 9, 2010

As you will come to learn in the next few months, I LOVE to ski.  My “tagline” is that I’ve been skiing longer than I’ve had diabetes.  (By just a few months, but nonetheless, it is still true.)  In real people world, I’m also one of the shyest people you will ever meet.  That is why I joined the Boston Ski & Sports Club last spring so I could meet people.  I’ve played tennis and kickball with them, but now it’s winter, and ski time.  So I joined the adult team racers (ATR).  It starts in January and I cannot wait.  On Tuesday night we had our get to know you/learn everything you need to know dinner.  As we were all mingling, a few of us were talking about how we were pretty hungry.  The girl I was talking to all of a sudden said, “my blood sugar must be low.”  I needed a Twix moment so that I could pull up Kelly’s Blog and respond.  But as I was trying to respond these thoughts kept running through my mind.
If I make a smartass comment, what if she actually does have diabetes too?  She never actually mentioned diabetes.  Her description is actually kinda sorta accurate.  She has no idea that I have diabetes either.  I ended up saying nothing, and went on through the rest of the night, but this has definitely been kicking around in my brain.

December 9: Holly Jolly Christmas
And who doesn’t love clay-mation?!

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