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And What A Wonderful Year It Has Been

December 8, 2010

Last year, on the first Friday in December, I babysat for Boy & Girl Genius.  After they went to bed, I watched It’s A Wonderful Life on TV.  Shortly before George yells “I want to live!” Mom & Dad Genius came back.  I sat down with Mom Genius at the kitchen table and they offered me my job!!  It’s my first “big girl” job, and my first job out of college.  And what a wonderful year it has been:

  • I moved to Boston with my best friend.  We found a steal of an apartment and it is a place where when I walk in the door, I instantly feel safe, secure & calm.
  • I connected with old friends, and they have become so close once again.
  • We had a big St. Patty’s Day party where all our friends came to see our apartment for the first time.  The next day I went into the hospital with DKA.  I was in the ICU for three days, until I had a nurse whose husband has diabetes and she told me that after 20 years, to go with my gut, and not what the ICU docs said.  I came home, scared & weak, but prepared to start anew.  I started anew in September when I jumped into the DOC and have not looked back.
  • I joined a sports club, where I joined a kickball team and met a few new people.  This is a big step in my life because I showed up all by myself without knowing anyone.
  • I welcomed Rebel to the East Coast and welcomed her into my apartment for the summer.  We traveled to the beaches, Fenway, the North End, Connecticut, New Hampshire and lots and lots of good times.
  • I bought my first car!
  • I said goodbye to my grandfather for the last time.
  • I went out to Oregon and paid for my very first vacation.  I got to visit with friends that I didn’t think I’d get to see this year, and I became a renewed person
  • I started my blog and joined the DOC!
  • I transferred from my parents insurance to my own.  I then found a PCP so that I could go to Joslin.  I’m finally being proactive in taking care of me!
December 8: Auld Lang Syne
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