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So Much to be Thankful For

November 26, 2010

I woke up far too early, but I was excited to see my cousins.  My parents and I bundled up and headed to the pub to meet the rest of the family for breakfast.  I got to see my grandparents, three uncles, an aunt and four cousins that I wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise.  (And there’s also something to be said for Bailey’s at 8AM.)  From there, we went to the Turkey Day football game.  It was pretty cold & windy, but we got to see more good friends and spend more time with my grandfather.  At halftime, Dad & I left because Mom’s side of the family was at our house and it was time to start the festivities at home.  We laughed, we watched the Pats, we enjoyed all of our beverages and appetizers, and we set the table so we could watch the game during dinner.  (I drank apple pie martinis all afternoon, and every hour I bolused for 10g over the whole hour, and let me tell you, it worked!) 

Grammy made her potatoes, and mom followed her list, and we sat down to eat right as halftime ended.  There was delicious turkey, green beans, stuffing, rolls, twice baked potatoes, cranberry sauce, squash, gravy and I’m sure I’m missing some things.  We ate and those boys on the TV kept getting better and better, so we stayed and finished watching the game in there.  When the game was over, we cleaned up, and moved back in front of the wood stove.  After a while, we got out some pies, and my mom, aunt, and grandmother started singing.  The rest of us waited…Mom & my aunt took my grandmother back home, and the rest of us stayed and watched a movie.  Everyone else fell asleep at one point or another, but I managed to stay awake the whole day.  Around 8:00, we got out all the food again and had round two.  And from there we watched more football and movies, and we all went upstairs quite early to sleep.  And we woke up this morning and braved the roads to get to Tilton for Black Friday.  

I had a fabulous day with my family, with lots of boluses, lots of testing, and lots of “wow, I’m doing awesome!” today.  I hope that everyone else feels just as wonderful as I do today.  

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