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Middle of the Night Low

November 22, 2010

For all of you out there with CGM’s, I  hate you on the mornings after this.  Just, fyi.  

I haven’t been sleeping well lately, but I have no idea why.  (Probably because the other side of my bed is currently a storage area for my clothes) but I’m trying everything, except putting my phone away for an hour before I go to sleep.  Most of my friends don’t live in the city; they’ve been around for forever and I have a hard time meeting new people so my phone is my lifeline and every time I hear a little “ding-a-ling” with that small green light, I get freaken excited.  So turning the phone off isn’t an option for me.  Last Thursday I was actually tired.  I started to get goofy, I think I actually molded to my bed and it’s quite possible I fell asleep while trying to send a text.  

I know that Friday I don’t have to go into work in the morning, so when I wake up and my room is pitch black, but I feel like I’ve slept forever and I have trouble rolling over, I know that something is wrong.  I grab my meter, but end up with a book (literally).  So I turn on my light and test and at 2:56 in the morning I see a glorious 54 staring me back in the face.  So I roll back over.  And then I realize the light is on, and then I remember I’m low.  So I grab my bottle of tabs.  And there are two in there.  *%#@! So I grab a cup from a low previous in the week and I fumble to the kitchen, turning on the light and getting my juice.  Either my roommate and her boyfriend ate whatever was taking up all the room in the bottom of the fridge, or she cleaned it, making my job trying to get juice while I’m low much easier.  So I pour a full cup and I take six gulps.  Because as I’m taking the first sip, I remember reading that Kerri measures her juice in sips.  And I remember that the diabetes educator told me on Wednesday that under 50 basically you need 30g of sugar rather than 15g.  I feel like I’m in the 30s, so I take 6 sips and then I refill my cup.  This is a little cup, so put my juice away and head back to my room.  I stop every so often to take more sips.  I finish my juice and I start texting Rebel.  Sometimes those 3,000 miles and 3 hour time difference come in handy.  In the course of 4 texts, we manage to talk about lows, work, camp and boys.  Yea, it’s 3AM, what do you expect?  She asked me a few other questions, but by that time, I was back asleep.  All in all, I was awake for 20 minutes, but I didn’t retest.  All you good diabetics out there, I know this is wrong, but I don’t ever fall asleep when I’m low, so the fact that I was able to fall back asleep was a good sign.  

When the rooster on my phone started yelling at me at 7:30 Friday morning, I wanted to rip my ears out. It felt like 5 minutes ago I had been curled up trying to fall back asleep.  And I had been ambitious for Friday morning, hahahahahahaha nothing happened.  I sat in my room, wrapped up in comfortable sweatshirt, fleece blankets and TV reruns.  Until it was time for a shower, and then music helped me.  Of course, Friday morning, my BGs were great. Friday afternoon, not so much.  

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