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It Was That Kind of Day

November 18, 2010

Yesterday I had my very first appointment at Joslin.  I’ve been hearing wonderful things about Joslin for as long as I can remember.  Me though, I’m not a fan of new doctor appointments.  I’m not a fan of new anything actually.  It makes me nervous; I get all flustered; it’s just not a good feeling for me.  I didn’t have to work yesterday morning and Boy & Girl Genius were both set up for playdates in the afternoon.  But all of a sudden, my appointment is in two hours and I’m still sitting in my pajamas on the couch.  Luckily, the drive there is very easy from my apartment, so I was able to park my car in a garage.  Although, for those of you out there with minivans, you are not compact.  And I realize that your children don’t actually have to open their doors to get out of the car, but those of us with compact cars, we do, and it’s very hard to get in and out of our cars.  I start walking, and luckily there’s a giant banner announcing where Joslin actually is. I walk past it though at first, but I manage to make it inside, where I was able to get to where I needed to be. Everyone there was quite nice, and I’ll talk more about that later when my brain is actually functioning.  But after I was all done, I answered the four missed calls I had from a fellow nanny who was taking care of Girl Genius for me, and I was finally able to pick Girl Genius up at 5:00.  I don’t usually have to drive at 5:00 since my day usually ends at 6:00, but we got stuck in rush hour traffic.  So a drive that should take 15 minutes, took us 40 minutes when I was finally able to pick up Boy Genius.  Ten minutes later, Dad Genius walked in the door and I was on my way to NH for synchronized swimming.  I got to see all the girls (especially the ones I used to coach), we practiced figures, and ran through each of our routines twice.  On the drive home, it was really windy and I saw the back of an 18-wheeler almost blow into the car in front of me.  There some sort of large carcass in the middle of the highway, and it was down to one lane because they were painting lines.  I got back to my apartment at the nice time of 10:30 and molded into the couch before peeling myself away to my bed.  

I definitely want to say more about my actual Joslin experience and to compare with others, but it was the first time I felt like I got treated like an adult, so it was a good experience, but like I said, that deserves to be written about with a functioning brain.  

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