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November 17, 2010

When my diabetes got attacked, I was already having a pretty tough day. And things are good in my life. Probably because I’m an eternal optimist, but I could use a little bit more support lately, and then I watched the CMA’s and I saw this:


I’ve been listening to it over and over and over, and already Girl Genius knows some of the words.  Then a few days ago I was in the car with her, and before driving her to school, I tested.  From the backseat I hear,
“Briley, how much blood sugars do you have?”
“Is that good?”
“Yes, it’s almost perfect for me.”
“Oh good!”
It is amazing to me how such simple questions, with pure curiosity, can make me feel so much better.  Now if an adult asked me that question I would answer it with 15 times a day, but a 4 year-old’s incorrect grammar just make it all that much better.  
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