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Running Low

November 16, 2010

I am the type to get bored with one type of exercise very easily, so I try to do all sorts of different things.  I like tennis, but unfortunately that requires another person and a gym with tennis courts (neither of which are available to me right now).  So instead, I try to run at least one day per week, swim laps one day per week, and do some other cardio at the gym one day per week (generally either the elliptical or the bike – depending on the BG beforehand).

What’s a Shin Splint?

One day last week I went for a run.  Just 2.3 miles, but all of a sudden I got this crazy shin splint in my left leg.  When I started running earlier this fall, I had awful shin splints one day, and when I got back I was in the low 40s.  Definitely scary, especially since I didn’t feel low while I was running.  So last week I’m going along, and past the halfway point, when I start to get a shin splint in my left leg.  It comes on pretty strong and then just holds steady.  I’m already on a temp basal, I started my run with a BG near 200, but I suspend my pump anyways.  It’s not like I can stop a run like I can at the gym.  I’ve noticed this feeling before, and since I don’t run with a meter, it’s an educated guess.  I keep on running, nearly tripping over the bumpy sidewalk, but I grab my pump from my waistband and I suspend.  I get back to my apartment about a half mile later (I think) and I test and I’m in the 60s.  Not only a quick drop, but my suspicions in the way to feel low while running are confirmed.  

My mother has always been outspoken about how each person with diabetes has different low symptoms.  My experience with a certain medical professional, is they only care about the ones we all share, but aren’t our individual ones important too?  But back to running, is there anyone else who has ever gotten this symptom (even if not as specific as just the left leg)?  Or is there anyone else who gets another type of symptom, especially while exercising, that is just as specific?  It’s something that has gotten the wheels in my brain turning, and I’m hoping to find more information.  

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