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Hug a Diabetic

November 12, 2010

I got invited to a Facebook event, which I quickly replied yes to.  It’s National Hug-a-Diabetic Day.  And yes, I want a damn hug!  Yesterday was consequently one of those days where I just wanted to collapse and let someone else take care of my diabetes, but that’s why we have this “hug us” day.  (But that’s not why I’m writing this.)  For those days.  The tough days.  The bad days.  The super awesome wicked good days.  Whether we need support or congratulations, it would be nice to get a hug for doing all of this work, all the time.  We’ve got this whole month of awareness and then one day to say, “hi, please give me a hug.  I’ve got this thing I live with every day, and sometimes it sucks, so I could use a hug.”

Next year though, let’s not have it on Veteran’s Day.  Those men & women deserve all of our support.  Current members of our military CHOSE to do this, for US.  They fight and protect us, and even get sent to natural disaster areas.  We may not have had a choice, but they do.  And I also know that there are veterans who did not have a choice, and I think they deserve our respect even more.  They get one day, and we get one month.  Next year, let’s have Veteran’s Day not be the day that we ask for hugs.  

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  1. November 12, 2010 3:38 PM

    I hadn't heard about this day until the day of, and I agree, kind of a strange day to have it on. We'll have to petition a change next year, and hopefully more promotion!

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