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Dia-buddy Weekend

November 10, 2010

We got to NYC on Friday night, and Rebel says, “Are you THE Meghan?!”  And the answer is yes.  My parents, Meghan and I went to NYC Friday night to join Rebel who flew there during the day on Friday so she could run the NYC marathon on Sunday.  Here is what we did on Saturday:

Times Square Saturday morning
Registering & standing in front of 26.2 mile map
Here’s the moments where you know we have diabetes
🙂 for good control
view of Lady Liberty from the top of Empire State Building
view of the Chrysler Building from the Empire State Building
Can you find the one not used to cold weather?

When we went into the Empire State Building, we had to go through security (just like the airport).  So we all unhooked, took off our pumps, and then as soon as we told them we had pumps, we were allowed to walk around.  We hooked back up and went on our way.  We went on the Sky Ride, then to the Observation Deck, went to Starbucks, walked back towards Times Square, went to M&Ms World, then back to the hotel (all taking about four hours).  I went into the bathroom and discovered I never successfully hooked back up.  Before my gingerbread latte at Starbucks, I was 217, and bolused.  While higher than I would like (or have guessed), not an alarming number.  I tested frantically, and I was 276.  I expected it would be ^400.  Although 276 is higher than I want, also not bad for getting zero insulin for four hours. 

M&Ms World
Carbo-loading dinner

 On Sunday, she got up bright and early (even earlier because her phone didn’t automatically change the time), and my parents brought her to the NY Public Library where she boarded a bus for Staten Island and the start of the race.  She knew we would be at the mile 16 area, where we saw her.  That Barton Center jersey looked great, and I wish I could show you, but she was running so fast (and I was jumping up and down at first), that I never got a picture of her running.  I was so excited, and so proud.  **Side note: her CGM was supposed to arrive at the hotel and never did, so part of her planning around her diabetes care through the marathon was changed last minute.  It would have bothered me, it didn’t even phase her.** We walked over to Central Park, and found a great spot, but she had already run by.  We got word that she had finished! And over an hour and a half later, we finally met her on Central Park West.  We were looking, looking, getting excited, and I hear “Broccoli” from behind me.  I think I may have scared her with my screams of excitement.  Think about it.  There were 45,000 runners, and she started in the last group, but finished in the 7,000s.  I am thoroughly impressed, and I hope you are too!

She advertised the whole 26.2 miles
Post Marathon Pedi-cab ride
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