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Sometimes, it just invades

October 29, 2010

One of the perks of my job is that I get time off every morning.  But I also have to be glued to my phone in case anything happens with either of the kids.  I would be being nice if I called myself a walking disaster this week, so today I needed to clean, along with grocery shop, along with go to the grocery store for the genius family.  I had time to think about my schedule, so I wasn’t stressed about it, I matter-of-factly went about my morning, even though all I wanted was coffee, coffee, and did I mention coffee?  Boy Genius got out early from school today, so I picked him up, he read for a little bit, we went out to lunch, and I realized that we needed to hurry.  “Okay Boy Genius.  As soon as…BOY GENIUS!” “What?” “As soon as I park the car we need to hurry and get inside, we’re late.” And so begins the process of explaining to him that we’re late, it doesn’t matter WHY, but we need to get in to get Girl Genius, which means put the book down….
We get Girl Genius and we’re in the car and I’m 134 before driving away and she’s talking in all her adorableness, but I’m still recovering from nearly being late, so I’m having a difficult time focusing.  We get to the grocery store.  Girl Genius is really well behaved in the grocery store.  Boy Genius is less well behaved because 1. he’s a boy and 2. he’s not as used to it.  He’s in school for a longer day, so there’s more time to go without him.  And I really don’t like bringing him there, but there’s only one way for him to learn…Did I also mention that it’s time for Girl Genius’s nap?  So I’ve got one cranky child and one that doesn’t know how to behave.  Awesome.  In the parking lot, Boy Genius couldn’t even hold her hand.  He grabbed her arm.  She asked him to stop and just hold her hand, so he does, so he starts swinging her arm, twisting it, pulling it.  We’re also in the parking lot so I threatened him with “If you can’t be nice to Girl Genius, you will holding my hand instead.”  He stopped right away.  We get up to the grocery store (it’s on the second floor) and we don’t need a lot, so I grab the basket with the wheels.  Girl Genius loves to pull it, but I told her she needed to ask Boy Genius if he also wanted to help.  They walk into each other; he pushes her into the apple display, he trips her; she wants to use two hands; I gave up.  I told them that I was taking it because I was done listening to them fight in the grocery store.  After that, they were pretty good until we walked towards the cashiers where Boy Genius decides to run.  They fight over who put more on the conveyor belt.  They are upset the escalator is broken and I won’t take the elevator, we take the stairs.  We go outside and Boy Genius almost walks into traffic.  I make him hold my arm, and then I think the car that let us cross may have been a kid I went to high school with.  I unlock the doors, get the kids in the car, put the food in the car and I get in.  I test and I’m 200.  Hello stress, so nice of you to join me and my diabetes.  Next time, don’t.

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