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October 21, 2010

In a regular person world, Tuesday was a jam-packed, keep on rushing with adrenaline type of day.  (And suddenly as I’m writing this, my blood sugars make sense.)  I woke up, ran outside to move my car so it wouldn’t get towed because of street cleaning, zombie-d my way back inside, tried to clean my apartment, changed my pump site, tried to find a new PCP (I need a referral for a new endo), then at 11:30 needed to pick up Girl Genius.  We go back to the Genius household but must be quiet because Mom Genius is working upstairs.  At 12:30 we pick up Boy Genius from school and we go out to lunch.  (Mom Genius wants us to be quiet since she is working and since I have both kids on Tuesdays, Tuesday lunches are usually pretty loud.)  We go to Bertucci’s for lunch (where I swear they hire based on looks, but the service was also good, so I’m okay with this), from there we drop off/pick up the dry cleaning, run to iParty for a Harry Potter costume for Boy Genius (for those of you who don’t know him, this is THE perfect costume), run home, pick up Mom Genius, and we all go to ballet for open house.  I am not a bad driver, and I’m a very calm driver with the kids in the car, but I get nervous as all hell when I have to drive Mom Genius.  We get to ballet, and there are shrieks because Dad Genius is there.  All day (it seems) I’ve been getting the question, “Is Daddy going to be at ballet?”  We all go in to see ballet class.  It’s not like a real ballet class since all the kids are so darn excited their mommies & daddies can watch.  After ballet, we all pile back in my car and as soon as we walk in the door, Mom Genius leaves for work.  Girl Genius & I have a snack and then it’s upstairs for a nap.  Boy Genius works on his homework then takes a shower.  I cook their dinner.  I wake Girl Genius up and she did NOT want to wake up.  Her naps have just been shortened to 45 minutes since she isn’t sleeping well at night, but she isn’t enjoying these 45 minute spurts either.  She plays with Boy Genius for about 10 minutes when Mom Genius gets home from work.  And explosion of screams and tears.  We had an over-tired, severely in need of hugs, Girl Genius.  And my work day was over.  The adrenaline was still pumping through me, so I decided to scan some old pictures at CVS.  As soon as that was done, it was time to end this fast-paced day.

I had no choice but to love football
My numbers in the morning were okay.  After I got to work, my sugars started to climb, and then they hung out in the area of the 300’s for about five hours.  The first I bolused with my pump, then after that, I bolused with a needle, and still nothing.  I was also drinking water, rather than my desired coffee, just to help.  Around 5:30, I felt thirsty as though I was probably 500.  I was ready to bolus without testing, but decided to give that handy dandy meter a shot.  115.  All day I didn’t feel high, but I was, and then when I felt high, I couldn’t ask for a better number.  I was great the rest of the night.  I felt low a little bit, but never actually went low.
 I was thinking about it yesterday, and I couldn’t figure out why my sugars were so high.  I was thinking about it this morning and still couldn’t figure it out.  Not until I sat down to write this, and actually started writing and saw the word adrenaline did it click.  Adrenaline raises my blood sugar.  A day that was fueled by adrenaline: well now it makes sense.  Maybe next time I will be able to figure this out during the adrenaline high, and give myself just a teensy bit extra insulin and I can have a good diabetes day, along with a busy work day.
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