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October 19, 2010

Goffstown had it’s annual Pumpkinfest this weekend.  Mom and I walked down on Sunday morning to watch the pumpkin dropping.  We got downtown, and walked over to the town common and saw the giant pumpkins, which ranged from 300 pounds – 1200 pounds.  These were pretty darn impressive.  We saw our hair dresser with her adorable daughter, then walked over to the high school hockey tent for lunch (Mom works with one of the moms).  The pumpkin dropping was down the road, so as the crowds started flocking & gathering, we followed.  I found a sweet rock to stand on, where I spotted the giant pumpkin hanging from a crane.  We talked to a few people and found out the pumpkin was 1400 pounds.  As more and more people showed up, the excitement grew and finally the crane started to lift.  They pulled the rope, and….nothing.  They repeated this process a few (4) times and on the fourth try, the pumpkin finally fell 75 feet into the pool.  (I am totally embracing my townie personality here) but it was so cool.   They weren’t allowed to drop it into the river because of the tidal wave it could produce, so let’s just say there was a huge wave, and water everywhere, and the pumpkin shattered.  It’s one of those things that I never thought I would experience, mostly because I never thought this existed.  We left there and walked through Main St. and the gift shops and as we were coming towards the flower/coffee shop, I started to feel low.  I wasn’t in the mood for tabs (I am getting quite sick of their chaulky texture and if mom knew I was feeling low, it would change the mood of our day), and there is a sign for pumpkinfest drinks.  These included a pumpkin latte, a caramel apple latte and a pumpkin spice smoothie.  I opted for a combination of a temporary basal at 50% with a side of caramel apple latte.  I was able to continue walking around town, including seeing pumpkin catapaulting, a mini pumpkin race, and finishing off the day with a pumpkin regatta (where the fire department boat almost set the giant pumpkin eater on fire).  We finished our day by walking home, and I was a little high (171), but the combination of the temporary basal with a delicious fall flavored latte was the perfect cure for a perfect fall, small-town day.

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