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Easter Basket

October 9, 2010
From September 29,2010

What most people see when looking at this photograph is not what I see.  (Besides the fact that it’s me!)  Let’s start with the obvious, it’s a little girl, on the beach with a stuffed bunny that looks really new, so it’s probably around Easter.  What I see is the bracelet. It signifies the difference in one year.  Now, I have diabetes.  Now, I can’t have a random sip of soda with my father.  Now, I have to eat at certain times.  Now, I go to the doctors: a lot.  But I still get given a basket of candy by this awesome guy named Easter Bunny.  Easter Bunny didn’t leave a note for me.  He didn’t mention that this Easter would be different than last Easter.  To adults, I’m used to having diabetes so I know that I cannot have my candy like I used to.  To a 4 year old, I don’t know that.  I’m with my cousins and they get to eat their candy and they are my idols, so let’s dig in!  Mom comes in and sees that I’ve eaten candy, but no one paid attention to how many calories were actually in my basket, because that wouldn’t need to be known until I thoughtfully chose what I wanted.  But I ate with my cousins.  And I’m four.  I’m not capable of explaining how much I ate.  So this Easter, I can’t eat Easter dinner.  I have to sit there being monitored by my mother (this doesn’t make it much fun for her either, I’m sure) because no one knows how much I ate.  This picture, This bracelet, it changes everything.  

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