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Exposed to Type 1

October 7, 2010
From September 24, 2010

In the long-term sense, yesterday was a good diabetes day. That was great, however, it also means that I was low quite a few times during the day.  Boy & Girl Genius have certainly noticed my diabetes, especially the pump, but Girl Genius asks a lot of questions.  She is not ignorant, she doesn’t have misconceptions, she is just young so she hasn’t been exposed.  I feel lucky to be exposing them to type 1 in a world predominated by type 2.  As we’re getting ready to walk Boy Genius to school, I realize that I’m dropping.  As I’m yelling to the Boy & Girl Genius to get their shoes on, I am scrambling into the kitchen where my work bottle of tabs is stashed.  Girl Genius follows me in (her shoes are on, so I’m trying not to get upset).  ”Briley, what are those?  Briley, what color are they? Briley, How come you aren’t answering my questions?”  Clearly this family is smart, and I’ve definitely used the “give me a minute or two and then I’ll answer your question” before, and had to use it again yesterday.  This is my response: “Girl Genius, You know how I have to test to see how much sugar is in my blood?  Well right now, there isn’t enough, so if I eat 4 of these, I’ll be okay.”  Sometimes it’s hard to explain diabetes (especially situational diabetes) to Girl Genius (especially when I’m low), but I live for the moments when she remembers.
Cue in cute music and memory:
We were driving to an activity and my old car was giving me trouble (see key word: old car) and something started beeping. Girl Genius: Was that your insulin pump? Are you okay?  Me: Yes, I am okay and thank you for asking, but that beeping was my car.  Girl Genius: Well, how do you know?  Shouldn’t you check just to make sure?
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