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Old Counselor

September 30, 2010

I was worried about what to write today, and I didn’t think I was going to find inspiration anywhere. Yesterday’s sugars were like bookends. I woke up low, was over 200 most of the day, then I crashed before I went to bed (including low at 2AM). I was frustrated and not sure of what to think anymore because there didn’t seem to be any pattern to it. In my frustration, I pleaded with the diabetes in facebook to get better before this weekend. (My longest dia-buddy is visiting this weekend!) I’m getting ready to turn off my computer when I see the little red “1.” Someone commented on my status asking if I’m okay.
This isn’t just any “someone.” This was my very first camp counselor. She was my rock at camp those years when I needed someone to look up to. The first one to make me feel like going to camp wasn’t going to kill me. She’s the reason my first dream job was a camp counselor. Her asking if I’m okay, well, it melts the frustration away. I don’t know if she knows it, but thank you for making such a difference in my life. You still help me, 17 years later.

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